“Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing:  nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net” Luke 5:5 KJV

The disciples were overwhelmed by a sense of failure: “We have toiled all night and caught nothing” (v. 5 NKJV). Look at them, washing their nets--the last thing fishermen do before they pack up and head for home. And that's when Jesus showed up! Even today, Jesus waits until you and I have reached the end of our rope, he waits until you and I reach our wits end….. and then He steps in! Why? Because as long as we think we can solve the problem on our own, we won't reach out for Him.

Are you in a situation that has taken a toll on you? Do you feel overwhelmed by failure today? Are you saying, “Lord, I tried so hard, but look at my marriage, my finances, my career or my home situation? I've been mistreated and overlooked?  “Perhaps the devil is right about me; maybe I'm not supposed to be blessed.”  

Brothers and Sisters, you need to know that Jesus can turn your situation around if you'll go to Him and say what Peter said: “Master... because you say so, I will.” You see, Obedience, even when it doesn't seem to make sense, is what leads to blessings. Notice what happened next: “They caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break” (v. 6 NIV). This blessing blew their minds!! On the other side of your decision to obey God waits a blessing so great that it will blow your mind!

One word changed everything—“Master”. It's an acknowledgment that He's in control of the circumstances you're facing. Jesus is Master over weakness. Jesus is Master over fear. Jesus is Master over lack. Jesus is Master over doubt and uncertainty. Jesus is Master over your storm. Go ahead and say it: “Master, take control of the trials and tribulations in my life.” So the question is….is Jesus your Master?

Rev. Dr. Major Stewart, Pastor

Greater Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

Sunday, February 12, 2017