Our Vision

The Mission of our church is focused on “Being A Full-Time Caring Church That Searches For the Lost.”

We propose to do this in two ways: first, through Ministries and secondly, through New Styles of Evangelism. These modes of Caring and Searching are in keeping with the Biblical Text.

It is through our Ministries that we care for the rejected, the broken hearted, the jobless, the imprisoned, the sick, the homeless, the hungry and the hopeless. It is through ministries like:

The Room-In-The-Inn: that the homeless are sheltered and fed during the winter months.

The Marriage Enrichment Ministry: that restores, love, laughter, joy, peace and fellowship into the lives of married couples.

The Storehouse Ministry: that seeks to provide help in crisis situations.

The Young At Heart Ministry: that engages senior members monthly in wholesome, lively and lighthearted activities that bring smiles instead of gloom.

It is through ministries like these and a various other ministries that we demonstrate our caring.

Secondly, it is through these Caring Ministries that we search for the lost.  We’ve found out that people don’t care how much we know about God until they see how much we care about them. It is on this premise that the legitimacy of our search begins.

The lost are those who do not know Christ as their personal Savior. They know him as Jesus the earthly son of Mary, or as a Jewish Prophet that lived in the first century, or as a good man who wrongly died on a cross centuries ago. But our aim is to introduce Jesus to them as the Son of God who was sent by His Father to liberate us from the evil and ruinous ways of the world and Satan. The willingness to abide by the teachings of Christ saves and liberates us from spiritual ruination to spiritual salvation. This is the major component of our Vision.